Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whites Can Now Use the N-Word ...

At a poorly attended t-bag dipping in Beverly Hills masterminded by none other than wannabe celebrity Pat Boone, who seems mostly talented at hanging around the edges of fame without ever making it into the circle (see Steve Lopez in today's LA Times), all the typical shenanigans and usual suspects.

The poor man, who's been writing "love letters in the sand" for years, and is now in close competition to out-tan George Hamilton, brought in some A-list Losers: Saturday Night Live "star," Victoria Jackson who mounted the stage with ukelele in hand to sing, "There's a Communist Living in the White House," only to reveal that she knows nothing about Communism, not to mention the 200 benighted folks, old, white and "patriotic" cheering her on.

But she was upstaged by Boone's pal, "African American reverend and radio show host Jesse Lee Peterson, who said white Americans need to get over the fear of being called racists."

"As a result of your fear, we now have the worst president this country has ever experienced. Barack Obama is a liar; he is a racist," Peterson said to cheers. He also said white people shouldn't have any qualms about using the "N" word.

"Let me just say, to free you up, that word don't mean anything to black people because if it did, they would stop saying it and the word would fade a way. It's just another way of controlling white Americans, but get over your fear," Peterson said.

Every time I read something like this, I'm grateful, not for the junk they represent, but for their boldness in declaring it, revealing the depths of darkness in their twisted message, fueled by half-truths and racial hostility.

This is a movement of has-beens and wannabes pandering to one another, hitching their wagon to the dark star of America's worst instincts, to find a niche for themselves and, lo and behold, even make some coin for themselves. 

Thankfully, the waves of time will quickly wash away these sad "love letters in the sand."

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