Monday, November 22, 2010

In Yemen, a barefaced advocate for women's rights -

Today's LA Times features the following:

In Yemen, a barefaced advocate for women's rights -

The story of a courageous women leading the way for women's freedom.

It took the United States a long time to establish and ensure women's rights, though conservative Christians would have it all reversed, if given even half a chance.

The continuing pressure on abortion rights has little to do with the fetus, but everything to do with taking away the rights of women to make family decisions. This anti-women prejudice is deeply embedded in Christianity, and only the light of reason has challenged it, and by the light of the reason, even the Bible reveals new insights into the remarkable place of women in God's story.

We must be ever-vigilant for human rights.

We cannot, for a moment, allow a compromise on freedom, at any point.

To this brave women in Yemen, hat's off, so to speak.

And may her courageous message be embraced around the world.

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