Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Fighting Teacher Unions

The new GOP dictatorship in Wisconsin is seeking to further destroy the middle class by going after the teachers and their hard-won benefits.

Here's a note I recently posted when someone suggested that it was "democracy" that put into place the curent governor and legislators:

It wasn't democracy in action, but fear. Unions have helped millions of people gain a middle-class life, the backbone of real democracy. Your financial situation is the result of conservative, reactionary forces, who despise the middle class, and have convinced people like you that the middle class is your enemy, and you should fight them, and bring them down. But will their downfall make your situation any better? And, yes, I quite agree about taxation - but only because the powerful and the wealthy pay next to nothing, and expect folks like you to pay for everything. The whole thing stinks. So I hope you can truly identify who the "enemies" are - they are not your teachers and their unions, but the powerful and reactionary interests who now have Wisconsin a death-grip, and these big boys and girls really don't like people like you, and are glad to see you doing their dirty work. Join hands with the teachers, and together, you might just make a better world in Wisconsin, where folks like you will enjoy a safer and more prosperous life.

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  1. Well, it was fear and also 46% of eligible voters getting off their butts to show up at the polls. Complacency and fear - a deadly cocktail...