Monday, March 14, 2011

GOP and the Primrose Path

The simple truth: the GOP hasn't a clue, and never has. While they're effective on the rhetoric end of things, they're totally dysfunctional when it comes to actually running a government. The GOP has given us our current fiscal mess, not only in CA, but in Texas and acreoss the nation, including our own national government. And, now, they cry "foul" against the Dems - an effective strategy when it comes to PR, but a futher blow to the wellbeing of CA and the nation.
The GOP is without moral compass. That anyone should listen to the GOP is beyond my grasp. They have led us down the primrose path to disaster, all the while pulling the wool over our eyes, like a skilled pickpocket, lifting our wallet and diverting our attention.
One of these days, Americans may wake up to the utter nonsense of the GOP, and traditional members of the GOP may realize (though it's too late, I believe) how their party has been hijacked and ransacked by reactionary forces inimical to democracy.
Check out George Skelton's fine article about the GOP in CA:,0,1755546.column

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