Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ignorance, Arrogance and Meanness.

There is a fatal and dangerous amalgam of factors in the far right represented in a FB comment found on a new friend's site where she posted a piece noting how the TX governor goes begging for Federal Funds for the wildfires, but otherwise condemns Federal Dollars as evil.

Anyway, here's the comment:

Unfortunately it is the poor and lazy who are draining our country dry. Why is it that I have to work for a living and some can chose to let the gov give them money. I started with nothing and have earned everything I have. The low life scum in America need to do the same. Texas isn't begging for money, but they have paid taxes unlike a large majority of Obama supports, and Texas deserves the support they requested long before these disasters happened in AL.

I haven't a clue where one could begin with a mind like this, seared, as it is, like a cheap piece of meat left on the grill far too long.

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