Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mother Drowns Herself and Her Children

LaShanda Armstrong and her children, driving into the Hudson River - just one story among many, the quiet desperation that overwhelms millions of people in our GOP world.

When a nation fails to provide good education, good jobs and a reliable safety net, and tells people they're on their own, and get a job, and make something of yourself, desperation engulfs millions of people who are born without connections, without privilege and without hope.

There's no doubt that Ms. Armstrong was working hard and trying her best to improve her lot, but the odds were stacked against her, and there came a moment, when she could no longer see her way clear, for herself and for her children.

This isn't a personal failure; it's the failure of a soceity growing cold and callous and greedy. This is the story of a GOP world - where the few live in comfort and pleasure and millions struggle to make it through a day.

Her sorrow is the sorrow of a nation gone crazy with greed and power. The 400 have gained the upper hand and are stripping away our values, turning life into a nightmare for millions. The 400 have destroyed unions, weakened public education and have bought the soul of our government.

Is this the kind of world in which we want to live? Ms. Armstrong could no longer find her way in just such a world. Is that important? In the kingdom of God, it's the only thing that counts! She and her children are in heaven now, while we continue to create a hell on earth!

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