Monday, February 27, 2012

Abortion and the Safety Net

For the following post on my FB page,

A friend asks:

Can we raise heck about both? Can you help a starving child AND believe that abortion should be a very limited procedure?

Here's what I wrote in reply:

Judy, yes, indeed - as a pro-choice advocate for decades, I have always joined with others to promote family planning, the availability of contraceptives and sex education, all of which have led to a decrease in abortion because of fewer pregnancies, so when there is a pregnancy, the likelihood of carrying the child to birth goes up! I don't know of a pro-choice person who is "pro-abortion." What we know is that a reduction in pregnancies automatically reduces the number of abortions (or, as in some parts of the country, young marriages that hardly have the economic resources to raise a child properly). Yes, I think we can, and we must, advocate for both. I don't quite understand why some who oppose abortion would also oppose sex-education and contraception. Because sex still remains a number one activity, especially among the young, and others - ha! I also have many reservations about the willingness of some to shred the safety net, especially for children on matters nutrition, health-care and education. Again, Judy, I find some who oppose abortion to be rather thoughtless about children and their needs. Anyway, just a few rambling thoughts from an unrepentant Dutchman!

My friend is a serious and thoughtful Christian ... she and I rarely see eye-to-eye, but we try to walk arm-in-arm with one another. She's been a faithful critic of mine, and regularly calls me to account. I appreciate her frankness and kindness, and her willingness to engage me, and my liberal friends, too.

I appreciate her question about advocating for both - though I stand firm on the statistic that a pro-choice approach to human sexuality reduces the number of abortions, simply because pro-choice organization also advocate family planning, sex education and contraception. Also, those who are pro-choice generally stand for a strong safety net for children.

Hats off to my friend who challenges me on many a front, and for all of my friends - for where would any of us be without our friends.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

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