Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ann Romney, June Cleaver, Harriet Nelson

From my dear friend, Bob Dahl:

What I just thought of is that Ann Romney's speech at the GOP convention in Tampa, Florida was at root anti-contemporary women  and anti-Mitt!  

Basically, in describing him she was describing a workaholic deal-maker while she told the audience that the moms hold it together -- like moms that stay home and wait to give the kids an afternoon snack and help with the homework and hop in the car to get them medical attention if needed.  And then she said that Mitt would WORK tirelessly for you, day and night.  Actually, I think I  heard some undertones of resentment.  If so, wouldn't that be telling?

What I heard her saying was "I love you, 1950's version of white, suburban moms.  I love you June Cleaver; I love you Harriet Nelson. I love all of you 1950's white, suburban mothers. I am one of you."  
What I didn't hear her say was, "I love you, career woman mom, working for self-fulfillment and to make ends meet. (In all fairness, she did passingly mention single working moms.) 

What about "I love you, welfare mom living in one of the worst neighborhoods in America with the knowledge that your sons will either be dead or incarcerated by 19 and your daughters may be trapped in the world's oldest profession.  I love you, welfare mom, caught in a vicious cycle, trying to break out without a break, being attacked by payday loan companies like Bank of America and gouged by salary theft if you do happen to get a minimum wage job flipping burgers. I love you, welfare moms, just like Jesus loves you and weeps for you and yes, Mitt's going to do something for you so you can have a chance at the American dream and your kids will be safe"?

But, hey, she did look nice in a 1950's white, suburbanite mom way.  

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