Saturday, August 25, 2012

Appeals Court Blocks Graphic Anti-Smoking Images

Smoking causes billions of dollars in damage every year - to life and health and to the American work force. If tobacco were newly discovered today, it would be an illegal substance.

I find it interesting how the First Amendment is more and more used to defend corporation as if they were people - oops, that's right. They are people, aren't they, thanks to the SCOTUS and its right-wing ideologues, and they can sell us anything without risk, and if they're making money, even better. After all, profits are the American Way. It's all about money and greed and some fantasy of prosperity.

This appeals court is weighted by Bush-era appointees; it's ideological leanings are evident in virtually all of its decisions - highlighting, once again, that the greatest influence a president has is in the appointment of judges.
I welcomed the graphic images - let people see what they're doing. We don't need to let our citizens live in a cloud of innocence; if these ads caused one person to quit, and one young person to not take it up, then it's worth it.

To hell with the tobacco companies; they are pigs! Old man Duke, in the 20s, knew that cigarette smoking was dangerous, and prohibited his children from smoking. Did it stop him from growing tobacco and making cigarettes? Of course not. The man was a pig. And he tried to atone for his sins by building Duke University - on the bones of dead Americans; dead from smoking.

America's love affair with Big Biz is leading us down a path that can only end badly. Money is our god, and greed is our piety.

Smoke away America; cough your fool heads off. And hats off to the Bush judges who are as blind as bats and careless with the wellbeing of the nation, forfeiting their right to be judges.

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