Saturday, September 8, 2012

GOP Complaints!

GOP complains that Obama had his chance to fix things ... in reality, to fix their mistakes.

It has taken us decades to get here, beginning with Ronald Reagan's pillaging of the American fortune, shifting moneys to the wealthy while telling the poor to go to hell, gutting unions, killing regulatory agencies and laws, spending on overseas' wars, covert interference all around the world to further the interests of Big Biz.

The only exception (sort of) to this slide into idiocy was George H - a moderate Republican.

Clinton's fiscal responsibility gave us a surplus - imagine that.

And then W.

And it's been hell to pay ever since.

The t-bags and their congressional toadies were determined to undermine every effort by the President to address the problems created by the Bush/Cheney cabal, and the Republican hijacking of the American Way.

Because the "problems" are not problems for the Koch Machine.

The problems plaguing the nation right now play into the hands of the global market and the continuing transfer of wealth from the pockets of the many to the hands of the few.

Do the Koch Brothers care about America?

Hell no.

They care about their corporations; this is their world, this is their nation, this is their life, their treasure, and "where there treasure is, so is their heart."

The GOP is full of lies and deceit, having driven into isolation all remaining moderate Republicans.

It's a terrible day for the nation as it faces a choice so dramatic in consequences; consequences that will chart the future for decades.

I hope and pray that we'll make the right decision, and for everything I know, and with everything I've learned over the years, Obama offers the greater hope for a better future.

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