Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jerusalem the Capital of State of Israel? Bible says so???

A petition to sign up in support of Jerusalem as capital of the State of Israel, because the Bible says so ... Christianity.com ...

Here's my note in reply:


Oh please, this is just baloney, and bad Bible as well.

Israel, as a religious/political entity, hasn't existed since Babylon tore down the walls in 568 BCE.

The political State of Israel has existed only since 1948.

It has no more claim to Jerusalem than anyone else.

Jerusalem, in fact, should be an international city, shared by all of Abraham's children.

Come on gang, you're mouthing the stuff of radical Zionism, and crazy dispensationalism, philosophies denied and repudiated by many Jews and Christians.

If you truly claim to follow Jesus who said of the temple: it'll soon be done! and overturned its tables, then you can no longer abide by these foolish claims and political ambitions.

The State of Israel is no more or less than any other political entity anywhere. To claim divine dispensation for its political ambitions is a violation of Scripture and the world-wide love of God for all the nations.

Israel's crimes, funded by the US, against Palestinians have intensified over the last ten years, including a systematic effort to rid the country of Arab Christians.

Right now, it seems the State of Israel is increasingly under the grip of radical Orthodoxy - a group of people and ideas no different than any other radical group hiding behind the skirts of God.

In Christ, for Christ and with Christ,

Rev. Tom Eggebeen
Los Angeles, CA.


On Sep 25, 2012, at 6:57 AM, Christianity.com Presents wrote:

Over 3,000 years ago, Jerusalem was recognized as the capital of the Jewish people. 
Yet today, the United States government, in defiance of a law passed in 1995, refuses to 
recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the nation of Israel. Every other nation in the world is 
allowed to designate their own capital…except for the Jewish state. 

Stand with us, the Jerusalem Prayer Team, as we launch the Jerusalem DC (David’s Capital) 
Campaign to call on the American people to recognize Jerusalem - the entire, undivided Holy City - 
as the capital of Israel, and to do so publically.

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