Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Mourdock, Rape and God!

Another example of the pro-birth crowd and its idiocy.

Pro-birth - that's what it is.

Birth at any price.

Rape, whatever!

Who cares about the mother?

Who cares about the criminal intent of the man?

It's what God intended.

And who can argue with God?

The whole thing is so wrong, on so many fronts.

It takes a loving God and twists God into a monster.

It makes light of evil.

It's obsessed with birth.

It has no regard for the women as a human being, but only as a baby-factory.

I keep asking: Where does this crap come from?

What kind of a church promotes this junk?

Who are the preachers blabbing such nonsense?

I've been a pastor for 42 years.

I have a D.Min. from a fine seminary with an excellent faculty.

I've read widely, and continue to do so.

I've been a faithful follower of Jesus all of my adult life and some of my earliest memories are of God's gracious presence.

Mourdock is wrong and he doesn't speak for God.

His opinion is warped and dangerous.

He doesn't belong in a pulpit.

And he doesn't belong in the Senate.

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