Friday, January 18, 2013

Obama as Hitler

I'll cut right to the chase and not mince words:

To compare Obama to Hitler is unconscionable ...

Not because it's immoral, or anything like that, but rather because it's a lie, an out-and-out lie that carries no weight of meaning, bears no resemblance to anything remotely smacking of history, and is designed to mislead the naive - those muddling and meandering folks who know nothing of history, care nothing at all for truth, but are largely driven by inchoate passions for survival against unseen enemies and a longing for some sense of self-importance in a world where their value as human beings has been severely compromised by their employers, their politicians and their churches.

A comparison, however, of Obama to Hitler is a page ripped out of Hitler's playbook ...

To cover one's tracks and obscure one's purpose, point decisively and constantly away from one's self to some supposed enemy out there, or, if not out there, then right here, close at hand, working to undermine what all decent Germans cherish and would willingly spend their lives in defense of it.

All of this coming to the fore because of guns.

There is a madness here, and it's not Obama, it's the NRA and a host of far-right secessionist groups and other malingers who have no socially redeeming value whatsoever, and, of course, their handlers - the skilled and silver-tongued, and always banal, talk-show hosts who get their jollies out of watching their wretched audiences grow impassioned about imaginary enemies and causes that possess no substance whatsoever.

And behind those talk-show hosts, big money and its fascist dreams - get rid of the government so we can have a freehand to grab the goodies and run to our gated communities and enjoy the privileges of wealth and position, much like England's aristocracy in the 19th Century - who lived vain and foolish lives, loved the military and dreamed of glory on the battlefield to further England's place in the world as a great empire and to brook no competition or challenge to England's hegemony.

Ah well ... the sorts of folks who would compare Obama to Hitler are evil - for they would take life away from others in order to enhance their own status and security.

And the folks who believe them?

They are to be pitied, I suppose - for want of intelligence? I don't know - I think most of them are desperate and frightened, the stuff of KKK mobs and burning crosses, like the German crowds who took to the streets on what we now term Krystal Nacht, the night of broken glass.

How good and righteous those Germans felt, and how wrong they were.

Then, or now, the far-right has limited capacity to think, and unlimited ability to hate - used, as it is, as tools of the powerful who have neither political sensibilities nor philosophical interests - their only motive is the preservation of their aristocracy, furthering their gains and enjoying their privilege and power.

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