Sunday, November 10, 2013

Before Obamacare - How Wonderful It Was!

I recall, fondly, the days before "Obamacare," when everyone loved their health insurance plan and providers. Oh, it was heaven, wasn't it! All health-care bills paid in a timely manner by the insurer. And it was affordable, wasn't it! Heck, employers chipped in their share without complaint, and no questions asked about vital procedures recommended by the doctor. And, of course, no fraud on the part of hospitals and doctors. And the troubling business of pre-existing conditions? And cancellations when changing jobs? And treatments denied? Well, let's not trouble our heads about those little issues. Oh, before "Obamacare," it was just wonderful, wasn't it! How we all loved our medical insurance programs, giving thanks to god every day that we lived in a nation that took seriously the health of its citizens, especially the children, and, oh yes, the poor, too. Yup, those were the days my friends.

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