Friday, April 25, 2014

Corporations, Greed and Henhouses ...

Corporations are not persons, but they have personality - and, let's face it, it's all pretty much about profits.

While some in the corporations may have other things on their mind, and even though corporations can fund laudable causes, the heart and soul of a corporation is the acquisition of power and money.

I wouldn't want any different, and even if I did, it wouldn't ever be different. I want corporations to excel in their drive for power and money - to make the best play they can for their stockholders, and to challenge every restraint.

But here's the point: who plays the other side of the table? Who offers the restraint, the challenge?

Without firm controls, without restraint imposed by outside sources, corporations are like drug addicts, and they eventually kill others for their own gain, even as they self-destruct.

It doesn't pay to be naive about corporations - anymore than it would be wise to trust the fox in the
henhouse ... but the fox has a life to live - no sense in destroying the fox - and that's why we need sturdy fences and vigilance, and certainly to never ever make the decision to trust the fox with the hens. Go ahead, toss the fox some food - why not? The fox has his own beauty and place in the scheme of things - in field and forest - but when it comes to the chickens, which feed millions of hungry people, let's keep the fox in its place.

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