Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dancing with the Devil

The US has always gone full tilt after left-wing agitators, pinkos, strikers, unions, reds and Communists, but generally leaves the right-wing nut-jobs alone. Why? The left poses a threat to American and world monied interests. The right, up until now, has been largely and ingrown and isolated social movement, more bluster than threat. Sadly, right-wing politicians have sought the votes of this alienated sector, by playing up to their bizarre interests for power (not wages, or social security or health benefits) and lionizing the ultimate symbol of their power: The Gun!

Well, when ya' dance with the devil, expect trouble.

Emboldened by several decades of right-wing NRA and t-bag nonsense, these crazy boys and girls are beginning to take themselves seriously, and the only serious they know is bullets and bombs.

How very sad that the monied interests of this nation paid out millions to attack the left and its desires for good jobs and wages and social security, while letting the cancer of right-wing hatred grow unchecked, seeing its then "harmless" rhetoric and back-woods behavior as a useful tool to bash the left and keep America fractured.

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