Monday, June 16, 2014

Despair Over the GOP???

If one despairs of the current GOP, it's helpful to remember McCarthy and his wild rantings, a Commie under every Washington bed and behind every journalist tree.

Yes, there have been exceptions to the rule, but the GOP has been the Party of Crazy for a long time - always hateful of the administration (except when there's a Republican in office), fiercely pro-business and always willing to sell the store to the highest bidder, hateful of unions and America's workers, hateful of women and civil rights and all social security programs, suspicious of higher education and liberal educators, isolationist at times, and other times, wildly militaristic.

With the influx of Southern Democrats after FDR and the emergence of Civil Rights, along came the KKK and its world and life view - guns, hatred of gays ("weakness in a man"), racism of every form, mistreatment of women and children, hate the Union and love Nullification, and these are the guys and gals that voted for "right to work" laws throughout the south because "unions were an invention of the North."

So, let's not be surprised at the GOP ... it is only what it's been.

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