Monday, November 3, 2014

Global Warming

The earth has experienced endless cycles of warming and cooling throughout its existence, and will continue to do so, often resulting in dramatic changes, with species dying off and the face of the earth dramatically changed.

So, what's new in this mix?

Our best scientists, and their number is legion, warn us clearly that the interface of our technology and climate change is real, that human activity contributes to the warming cycle, and the results could be cataclysmic for our children and grandchildren.

No one knows for sure, of course.

No more than anyone knows when the next big earthquake will hit Southern California or the where and when the next hurricane will strike the Louisiana coast.

But probability is high on all of this - if not sooner, then later.

The vested industrial interests, of course, want to turn a blind eye to this, so frightened they are of anything that challenges their status quo and their presents methods of making money. Sadly, corporate interests are slaves to a tyrant that brooks no competition and demands total obeisance.

Yes, global warming is likely part of an on-going cycle, but if our technology is accelerating it, worsening it, then we should know this.

Even if we don't have all the facts, it's foolish to suggest that thousands of scientists, working together and independently and coming to the same conclusion, are all wrong.

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