Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Here's the Deal ... on Guns!

Here's the deal ...

Cars are dangerous, used for crime, and even suicide.
So we regulate them as best we can.
We monitor who can drive, and if there's a violation
Or two, well, the license can be yanked or the
Person thrown into jail.

We require insurance.
We require smog controls.
We require and monitor all
Sorts of things ...

When it comes down to it,
Legit folks get to drive.
Get to own.
Even dozens of cars.

So, it'll be with guns.
We've got to get our heads on this one.
And we've got to stop the NRA and all
Of its fearful preachments.

Which are really nothing more than
A pack of lies.

So, it'll be, I'm sure, when we finally
Put our heads into this.

Legit folks will get to own guns.
Sure, some will be stolen.
Even as are cars.

But hunters and collectors will be okay.
And so will those in dangerous professions.
Those who may need a firearm. Okay?

When we finally get our head around this.
And make sense of what's now a
Senseless deal.

Gun-Almighty Prayer

Gun-Almighty, forgive us, we pray, for doubting your ability to solve all problems and save us from bad people ... forgive us, we pray, for restricting your influence ... there are those who would hedge you about with their callous laws and strange ideals, but we know better ... we know that in your firepower, all our ills can be solved. Forgive us, Gun-Almighty, for doubting your prophet, the NRA ... and for believing that peaceful means can be found ... help us, we pray, to find peace only through violence, the purest form of peace, only through relying on you, Gun-Almighty ... hear our prayer. Amen!

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Harvest is Trump

Listened to Romney trash #Trump today ... no question there, but then Romney did his obligatory #Obama bash ... I thought to myself: #Romney and the #GOP are simply harvesting the results of their 8-years of obstructionism and tolerance of hate and bigotry. 

Trump isn't anything new, but rather the culmination of years now of GOP efforts to deconstruct the nation while playing footsie with #Limbaugh and #Beck and a host of other fascists and neocon war mongers.

It's an ugly thing to see what you've become, and there's no clearer picture right now of what the GOP has become than it's presumptive nominee, Donald Trump.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Review of "Among the Mad" - a Maisie Dobbs Mystery

Just finished "Among the Mad," a Maisie Dobbs book by Jacqueline Winspear ... for me, truly an amazing read. I'm struck by Winspear's ability to give us a complete portrait of a life - multiple stories running concurrently, yet the reader (me, that is) doesn't get lost.

Winspear's a fine writer and has created an endearing character in "investigator and psychologist" Maisie Hobbs, whose life is as complicated as the characters she investigates, as complicated, I suppose, as are all our lives.

For me, this book, in particular, (published 2009), as all of her books thus far, give heed to the profound social conditions that shaped England after the Great War - the wounded, in soul and body ... how a callous society hurries on by and hopes to forget them, and the endless machinations of government ...

As one point, Maisie attends a political meeting, to hear the latest demagogue claim to have all the answers for England, and I couldn't help but think of our latest adventures with Donald Trump.

Anyway, this book started off with a bang, so to speak, and didn't let up ... and always more than a mystery, but a look at people, the countless people who cross our path ... in the end, the mystery might be solved, but the mystery of life pushes on, just out of our reach.

So, like Maisie, we wonder ... do we ever belong? And what does it take when our soul departs in sorrow, and can the eyes, perhaps, tell us when the soul has returned.

An amazing read ...