Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Here's the Deal ... on Guns!

Here's the deal ...

Cars are dangerous, used for crime, and even suicide.
So we regulate them as best we can.
We monitor who can drive, and if there's a violation
Or two, well, the license can be yanked or the
Person thrown into jail.

We require insurance.
We require smog controls.
We require and monitor all
Sorts of things ...

When it comes down to it,
Legit folks get to drive.
Get to own.
Even dozens of cars.

So, it'll be with guns.
We've got to get our heads on this one.
And we've got to stop the NRA and all
Of its fearful preachments.

Which are really nothing more than
A pack of lies.

So, it'll be, I'm sure, when we finally
Put our heads into this.

Legit folks will get to own guns.
Sure, some will be stolen.
Even as are cars.

But hunters and collectors will be okay.
And so will those in dangerous professions.
Those who may need a firearm. Okay?

When we finally get our head around this.
And make sense of what's now a
Senseless deal.

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