Friday, July 8, 2016

A Heart in Turmoil


1. My heart is in turmoil ...

2. Last evening, a white cop parked his SUV patrol car by a restaurant, got out to get some food ... his attire deeply militarized, all black, tons of equipment dangling from his belt. Looked more like a robocop ... for the first time ever, I felt revulsion. I'm sure he's a good man, but his profession has come under suspicion.

3. If you're white, you're right; if you're black, you're dead.

4. Cops kill with impunity. The history of law enforcement in this nation has always been white officers to suppress black communities and keep "them in their place."

5. Blacks smoke weed and are sent away for years.

6. NRA is sick.

7. Good cops are afraid of the bad cops.

8 Judges defend bad cops.

9. Violence, John Wayne, and our incessant warfare, has coarsened our society ... stripping away the thin veneer of sociability essential to our survival, leaving only animal instincts, brutality, the worst kinds of tribalism.

10. US racism has never gone away, and these days, it has a new lease on life, thanks to Trump and the whole screwed up GOP, which has become the Party of hatred. Old White Men longing for their lost virility and supremacy, and angry trailer trash women who look for anyone just a rung lower. Thank you, Muslims will do just fine for this.

11. Subculture of whites will never forgive their nation for electing a "black man" to the White House - got it, it's a "white" house ...

12. NRA will defend armed whites, but shuts its mouth on armed blacks. Armed whites are patriots; armed blacks are thugs. Armed whites protect women and children; armed blacks are out to get your daughters and your sisters.

13. There are some whites who long for a race war ... their adolescent dreams of fire-fights and taking out the bad guys has replaced reality.

14. Southern Culture is still a virus in this nation. Reconstruction ended a 100 years too soon.

15. My heart aches ...