Tuesday, September 20, 2016

So, We're Christian ...

With a little thought, it's obvious why America is so insanely religious, and specifically "christian" - we have a ton of sins to cover, sins we refuse to coherently admit, the ravages of which we blame on those whom we've hurt.

Sadly, religion in America, and specifically Christianity, has played a major role in this coverup.

But the sins of racism, the sins of genocide, the sins of Jim Crow apartheid, demand a hearing, and until they're heard for what they are, they continue to corrode and corrupt the entire system.

In a land dotted with churches, that we should be at our current state of chaos, only confirms what has been emerging in my mind - the failure of christianity. A failure of unimaginable proportions.

We've been preaching people into heaven, while letting them create hell on earth for millions of people. As of late, heaven has lost some of its luster, so churches have taken to preaching wealth, while condemning the poor for their lack of character and desire.

So, we're christian ... we praise je-e-sus until our brains fall out ... we hate other religions for not being the truth ... we've sent missionaries around the world to export our wickedness, along with arms and war.

So, we're christian ... shouting loudly our righteousness in the hopes of out-shouting our demons ... but the demons will continue to throw us into the fire ... until they're cast out ...

So, we're christian ...