Wednesday, December 7, 2016

America's Warrior Class

We have a warrior class in America. 1) In part, because it's in our DNA, and some have it in spades. 2) Southern Culture has curried a notion of honor found in war. 3) Large segments of the Christian Church have exchanged the Prince of Peace for the Dogs of War. 4) Accentuated now by the lack of a draft, and sustained by walls of secrecy and distance from the day-to-day experience of society. 5) Perhaps even aided and abetted by video games. 6) That for many a young woman or man, the military life is an escape from poverty, a means of education, and, for some, a pathway to citizenship. Poverty is a function of maintaining a recruitment pool.

Given all of this, I get the feeling that some in America are spoiling for war, and have done so for some time now.

In reading about WW1, the war that should never have been, the nations involved had talked tough for so long, had rattled sabers and spoken of honor, had even sought peace, until everyone was exhausted, and going to war was the easiest option of all. Having teetered on the edge for so long, it was now easier just to fall off.

There is a portion of any given society which loves war - "the smell of napalm in the morning." They talk tough, they speak endlessly of national and personal honor, they believe in might, they long for the adventure, they believe that violence is always a viable solution for peace.

Given the right conditions, if such people assume responsibility for a nation, the prospects of war increase significantly. And, sadly, all across Europe, when the drums of war were pounding, there was found the Christian Church prompting the soldiers with thoughts of heavenly glory and the will of god, confusing the Father of Glory with the glorious Fatherland.

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