Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Telling lies seems to be in season.

The city of Santa Anna is drawing up a proposal to become a sanctuary city.

An opponent of the proposal said:
"We know that most illegals are criminals who come here to exploit the United States."

This is a lie.
We all know it.
Stats make it clear.
The evidenced is in.

Hats off to Santa Anna and other sanctuary cities.
Hats off to people who tell the truth.
Who embrace kindness and mercy and intelligence and reason.
Folks who see the world in the light of reality and facts.

And boo bad to the man or woman who tells the lie.
And double boo bad to those who believe them.
Because the lies coincide with fear and suspicion.
And let's face it, the lies also correspond to prejudice.

Are there criminals amongst the illegals?
But not most, hardly any.
So, no more lies on this point.

Folks come here to work.
To find life for their families.
To find a future.
To live a dream.

Let's support them.
Let's help them.
Let love be the norm.
Not the lie.

Let the truth be told.
And let the truth set us free.
Free from the lies.
And free to be responsible human beings.

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