Friday, January 27, 2017

The Logic of the Anti-Abortion Group

The logic of the anti-abortion group is unassailable.

It simply says: Abortion is murder.

Never a choice for anyone.
Never a medical necessity.
Never for rape or incest.
Never ever anything but murder.
M U R D E R.
M U R D E R.

All pregnancy (including rape and incest) is the will of God, and, thus, to ever prevent full-term delivery, is a contravention of God's will.

And a nation that allows abortion is guilty of the grossest of sins, and can never enjoy the favor of God.

So, while I might support abortion rights, and I do, I would never question the right of someone opposed to abortion ... they are free, in my world at least, to practice their pro-birth stance.

But I am not free in their world to choose abortion, or to support the right of a woman to choose.

Given it's logic, there is no way in heaven or hell that they could ever allow anyone ever the choice of abortion.

To do so would be to the condemn the person to everlasting hell, by allowing them to commit sin, a sin of the grossest kind.

Those, then, who support abortion rights are themselves guilty of aiding and abetting murder.


Thus, in order to protect people from going to hell and to save this nation from the judgment of God, there can never be, must never be, will never be, one legal abortion. The very notion of making it "legal" flies in the face of their faith, their logic, their image of this nation, their patriotism, their prayers, their social and personal convictions.

And for some in this camp, the punishments for such a crime ought to match the crime, as they see it - at the very least, prison; while some even espouse capital punishment, especially for providers of abortion, or, as they believe, the murder of children.

There is no room here for negotiating, and certainly no room for allowing anyone the choice.

There must never again be another legal abortion in this nation, and every effort must be made to prevent the illegal ones, as well.

This kind of logic is unassailable.

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