Sunday, November 19, 2017

If FDR Were Alive Today

If FDR were alive today, and doing what he did in his earliest political efforts, he would be hawkish on defense, to help America promote democracy around the world. He loved the Navy, and believed that a strong Navy was vital for American interests, politically and economically.

But, and that's the big piece of it for me, he would also be a populist ... devoted to making life better for everyone through a strong government willing to tackle the morbid interests of the wealthy for their own betterment at the expense of the people.

He was, in many ways, a student of his Uncle Teddy who embodied these sentiments so powerfully - a strong military and a strong government devoted to all the people, but especially those on the bottom of the heap.

I think FDR would be appalled at the current administration. While he would affirm the commitment to a strong military, he would decry the collapse of this nation before the feet of Wall Street as a formula for disaster.