Sunday, September 30, 2018

Imperfect People Can Still be Great

Look, no one's perfect.

But right now, it seems to me, our nation is governed not by imperfect people, who might at times rise to heights of greatness, but men (yes, some women, too) who are given to all the lesser instincts of humanity, and, frankly, incapable of greatness.

Sadly, such men hold the sway in two branches of our government, and are trying mightily to secure the third branch as well.

Given our Constitution, it works only when the people who govern seek its counsel, yet when all three branches of government are held by the venal and the immature, the Constitution can be disregarded, and there's no one around to provide the checks and balances essential to democracy.

We're in a real pickle right now, and its potential for harm is enormous, and growing daily.

Elections this November are critical to turning around the ship of state.

And, please remember, we're not looking for perfect people, but people at least capable of greatness when such is needed.

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