Saturday, September 15, 2018

We're a Pack of Fools

I know enough history
to know how history works ...
truth is told, sooner or later.
And of the US of A, these days,
history won't be kind to us.

We're a pack of fools who voted for an idiot.
Well, I didn't, and maybe you didn't either.
Maybe you stayed home.
Or maybe you voted Third Party.
Maybe you didn't want a "woman" in the WH.
Maybe you're anti-abortion.
Maybe you believed his lies.

Who the heck knows.
But somehow or the other, a moron is now in the WH.

And how he got there will be noted in history
as one of America's worst moments,
a dark click in time,

like McCarthy, when American went nuts.

Or when you had the flu
and crapped your pants.

That's how history works.

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