Thursday, April 21, 2016

Throwing Money at a Problem

I've always believed in throwing money at a problem ...
and so do Republicans ...
at least, at their kind of problems ...
like a military-hardware system ... or
barring abortion ... or
stopping trans-bathrooms ... or
promoting free-for-all carry ... or
defending rapists' rights ... or
forcing the repayment of school loans ... or
fighting health care for all Americans ... or
ousting liberal politicians and gerrymandering districts ...
yup, hundred of millions, billions even,
thrown at GOP kinda problems.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What if ...

What if ...
Satan had the power to deliver.
On the proposition:
"Bow down, and the kingdoms of the world
Are yours"?

What if ...
Jesus fully understood
Just how serious a
Proposition this was?

What if ...
The massive wealth of the Nations,
The obscene wealth of the Few,
Is simple proof of having
Bowed the knee to Satan?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


When the rich skim the cream,
Of course, there isn't enough
To go around.

So the rich hope we blame
The hungry for wanting too
Much cream.


An early morning drive,
To get some gas;
Noticed some working folks who were likely
Not paid much ... I caught a face or two ...
And saw their anxious eyes ... 
And by a huge public works construction project.
Workers, lots of 'em.
Plenty of good cars and trucks.
Good wages build the economy.
Low wages wreck the soul.

Friday, April 1, 2016

I'm Tired of the Political Season

I'm tired of the political season.
I'm tired of all the claims and counter-claims.
The name-calling.
I'm tired of penis stuff and wife-denigration.
I'm tired of conservative sex-fixation.
I'm tired of the religious right oh so wrong.
I'm tired of liberals getting hoity-toity with one another.
About Bernie this and Hillary that.
And Sarah Palin and Susan Sarandon.
But, I'm even more tired of racism and gun-madness.
I'm even more tired of America's endless wars.
I'm even more tired of our income inequality and the roll-back of voting rights ... the right-to-work nonsense ...
I'm tired of hungry children.
Families denied health care.
Education deconstructed.
Infrastructure going to pot.
And because I'm evermore tired of this, I'm willing to put up with the rest.
God save the Queen ... or whatever.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lessons from the Spanish Civil War

Lessons from history ... at first, Franco's uprising against a mildly left-wing government, backed by the aristocracy and the church, was less an attempt to impose fascism (a la Mussolini or Hitler) and more an effort to restore feudalism.

When the allies, pretty much boxed around the ears by Japan, Italy and Germany, refused to back the government, the Soviets came to its aid, because they saw it as a fight against fascism, whatever its brand, and certainly against the aristocracy and the church and their support of class structures.

Once the Soviet Union entered on the side of the government, the allies distanced themselves even further (triggering however a flood of volunteers from the West, including George Orwell of England and the likes of Ernest Hemingway who eventually wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls).

Seeing how it was shaking out, Mussolini and Hitler jumped at the chance and poured men and equipment into the fight, eventually securing Franco's victory, and fine-tuning their equipment and battlefield tactics.

Lessons: 1) the aristocracy and the church will mostly always lean toward fascism, which, in turn, supports the aristocracy and the church - a Ménage à trois made in hell. 2) Fascism often possesses a certain "holy" energy that intimidates others. 3) Fascism aways ends badly.

Monday, February 29, 2016

A Clear and Present Danger?

At a certain point in time, when does a political ideology cease being merely just so many alternative ideas/programs to much the same goal to which most everyone aspires and become a clear and present danger to the wellbeing of a society's life?

We're at a time now in America when a constellation of ideas and brutish behavior have coalesced into a dangerous mix threatening to undo our democracy and bring the American Experiment to an end.

I'm distressed by the brutishness and ignorance of a lot of our current politics and religion - all of it mixed up in some kind of noxious brew, highly addictive apparently, and, yes, a clear and present danger.

If only the people of Italy in the Twenties and Germans in the Thirties has been alert enough to see in the Brown and Black Shirts a threat to everything they held dear. That the rhetoric and posturing of Mussolini and Hitler was nothing less than evil, a contradiction of everything sacred and everything good.

People in Italy, with Mussolini's rise to power, and folks in Germany, with the advent of Hitler, believed that such extremism just wasn't possible, but it was, and what a price was paid, by the whole world, as fascism took the world into the darkest of places.