Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fox News?

A good friend of mine wrote the following note about Fox News, posted with his permission.

The Pros are the Cons!

The insinuation that Fox deserves equal time reveals the sophistry of their coverage. Relentless verbal conceits carve our attention away from priorities. See Capitalism. See Frontline: The Warning. We can pursue priorities or waste time chasing Fox phantoms?

My lesson from law school is: There is no  law. There are louder mouths and deeper pockets. Because governments have been displaced by corporations it is accurate to say that Rupert Murdock embodies a foreign empire draining treasure from those still under the misconception that citizens of the United States of America are protected from exploitation by corporations. The fracas over Fox is the ring in our nose that takes us away from the rape of the Greatest Generation, the usurpation of rewards from $87 Trillion in taxpayer funded R&D and IP by a handful of bonus bandits who have already sold it to the lowest bidder. (sic.) Instead of paying taxpayers a fair return on their investment the corporation con men default on employee retirement contracts and drain social security to cover their crimes. The Pros are the Cons.

Fox is the wolf in sheep’s clothing that keeps 300 million Americans from asking why their houses are now worth 20% less than they were in 1979. The entire housing inventory is now worth less than $6 Trillion. Last year’s (grossly understated) federal bailouts alone would have paid off all our mortgages. So where did the money go? It went to indemnify a handful of super-rich scoundrels from direct personal liability in their $58 Trillion unfunded insurance liability. But that was Warren Buffet’s estimate last November. Frontline totals the mortgage bank blended insurance fraud ten times higher than that. The Pros are the Cons. What does Fox say about fiduciary responsibility?

Until our feet are on the ground with this conversation and its consequences I consider any time given to Fox is more wasteful than smoking dope. I don’t inhale.

I stand with Obama.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sarah Palin and Oprah

Now on Oprah ...

Good grief ... the Palin PR machine hard at work.

Reminds me of the balloon boy ... a balloon floating high in the air, but no cargo!

Wonder how long she can keep it afloat ... until we're all clear that it's just a giant political hoax.

But then there's a lot of hot air money out there - a whacko-capitalist-Jesus-in-your-face-Blackwater-let's-have-a-little-war kind of money, the result of Reagan tax cuts and tons of money borrowed from China to keep the balloon inflated and a stock market skewed to feed the greed of the few at the expense of the many.

Palin will continue to draw two kinds of folks: flat-out crazies who love to shoot wolves and other living things and the powerful elite who see her as a tool to further their cause of power for the powerful and wealth for the wealthy.

Does she have a clue that she's being used?

Or is her ego so bloated as to miss the reality?

Whatever ... sad, sadder, saddest.

Ohhh, what's that hissing sound?

Is the balloon leaking?

BTW, Palin has been invited to College of the Ozarks ... a fine school with a fine heritage ... but why Palin?

Check out my note to the school, and if you agree, send your own note.