Monday, November 7, 2016

Voting for My Granddaughter

My granddaughter will be four tomorrow.
Election Day.
So I’ll cast my vote on her behalf.
And maybe just maybe, 
I can give her a good world.
Her gender is welcomed and celebrated, without question.
Her salary will be equal to what others make in all regards.
Her color won’t be a question.
Universal Health Care will be hers.
Along with all her choices for health care.
And adequate social safety nets in place for the unforeseen.
Where global warming is seriously considered.
Where scientists are respected.
Where knowledge is honored.
Just a few things
For which I am voting, on a mighty important day:
My granddaughter’s birthday, and the day of our Election.
So, now ya’ know.
How I’ll cast my vote.
All the way, for my granddaughter.
And for the women of the world.
And for all the girls and all the children.
A President who’ll make a better world for all of them.
And lest there be a question.
Let there be no doubt … for me, and for America:
Welcome - to a leader; welcome Madame President!