Thursday, September 25, 2014

Charter Schools and Their Promises

Take a leisurely stroll through the history of American enterprises that have come and gone, that started out with high hopes only to crash and burn on bad management, under capitalization and changing times, one quickly realizes that private effort is as susceptible to all the faults and failings that plague the public sector. 

Private enterprise offers no solid guarantees on success. So, let's not have a silly love-affair with Charter Schools, as if they could do no wrong, as if "privatizing" public education is the cure-all for every problem. It's just not true, in spite of the jingoism of Wall Street Devotees and those who hate all things public. 

The same standards that others have applied to public education must be applied, now, forcefully, to Charter Schools. If they're failing, find out why. Try to fix it, of course. But let's not be afraid to cancel the charter - either going back to the public system, or granting the charter to another corporation. After all, isn't that the American Way? 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Boehner's Ceaseless Lies

These are the kinds of lies always 
told by the wealthy to America.

The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, members of the "ruling class" were wise enough to know just how terrible these lies are, and that's why they "betrayed their own class"- a class of liars and deceivers, driven by greed, and the enormous fear that some might gain at their expense.
I wish I could take John Boehner on an LA bus for a day - let him really see people, how hard they work, bone-tired and poorly paid too often, hoping and dreaming, being good citizens. To drive Vermont and other great streets to see the hustle and the bustle of mom and pop shops, street vendors and folks working hard to make a dime.
Yes, there are some who need help, and who will always need help. Is this so hard for us to understand? Is the need for kindness, mercy, compassion, so galling to us that we cannot muster the will to be generous? What's wrong with this man, and his handlers? What's wrong with the ruling class?
Shame on Speaker John Boehner for such lies ... shame on the ruling class for spouting this unpardonable sin, that of darkening our counsel, muddying the waters, and casting aspersions on millions of decent people.
We can do better. We have done better, and by God's grace, we may again do better. Throw these liars out of office, and put firm leashes back on the ruling class, lest they run us all, like lemmings, off the cliff to certain death.