Thursday, April 18, 2019

For This I Hope

Our nation has seen bad times before, and we've made it through or, or have we?

How many bad times can a nation endure?
How much idiocy and greed, lust and lies?

Does it all add up to something finally terminal?
Is our democracy truly at risk?

If history means anything, we have to say Yes!
Wouldn't be the first nation to commit suicide.

Yet, I have hope.
There are plenty of good people around.

The 36%, of course, are pretty much a lost cause.
And maybe most of the 1%.

But I keep believing that America is more sane than not.
That we have a basic sense of right and justice.

That the current administration is more a fluke than a fact.
That it'll pass.

But damage has been done.
Real damage to the soul of the nation.

Can we recover?
Sure, we will.

But'll we'll have scars aplenty.
And we'll walk with a limp.

And maybe have a greater sense of humility.
That we're not the greatest on the this earth.

We're just another nation.
Tempted by self-seeking.

With a populace given to fanaticism.
Flag waving and racism.

We'll make it.
But not without a wound to our soul.

Maybe that's ok.
Ok to be wounded.

Wounded people often have a greater compassion.
A slowness to judge.

We'll survive.
But with a greater sense of reality.

For that I hope.
Yes, for that I hope.