Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Clay Feet of Big Biz

America has got to stop worshipping at the clay feet of Big Biz - what we need in government are philosophers, thinkers, historians - women and men who can think through the big questions with more than a care for the bottom line and how to enhance the wealth of the all-ready wealthy; who can bring to bear on today's issues the wisdom of the years, the centuries.

We don't need the corporate-jet mentality; we need minds enthralled with justice, hearts driven by compassion, women and men trained to think critically, comprehensively, generously. Who truly know the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, legislative history and Supreme Court decisions.

For me, the minds of business, these days, if not always, are way to small to govern a good nation; way to small to comprehend the glory of America and its democratic experiment.

We have in Obama a fine mind, the kind of mind we need to lead, and we need to surround him with women and men of equal vision and mindfulness, with the courage to tell the truth about the American Dream and lead us to better days, for all the people.