Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where Are the Republicans?

Throughout the last 100 years of American Progress, whenever the President has signed a major piece of legislation, both parties were likely to show up and pass around the grins.

But not today.

Nary a GOP face to be seen.

As far as I'm concerned, the GOP has lost it. They have sunk into some very deep dark hole, and for reasons known only to hell itself, they're tapping into America's latent evil - our racism, sexism, our love of war, our disdain for the poor and our worship of wealth.

Writing as a Christian, all of this bitter raging is diametrically opposed to everything I understand the gospel to represent, everything for which Jesus died - his every hope and every dream for the kingdom of God - for the blind and the lame and the deaf; for the poor and the oppressed; for the lonely and fallen.

The recent cursing and the spitting, the racial slurs and sexist jokes are a dark stain on our national character - these folks have neither passion nor vision, intellect or faith - they're low-level human beings crawling around in the dumpsters of the soul.

In this day and age, if America wants to be great, as it could be, as it should be, The People will have rise up and speak to these low-lifers and show them the way - a better way to do our politics and a better way to care for one another.

Boehner is a crippled human being, and so is Cantor, and the pitiful politician from Texas who shouted out "Baby Killer" should resign in shame and go back to his cattle ranch and oil wells, or his used car lot, or the back-room pawn shop, or wherever he came from.

That anyone should see value in their bitter and self-righteous behavior is beyond the grasp of my mind.

Perhaps I'm the stupid one. Perhaps I'm missing something vital, something I've overlooked.

But as it now stands, these men are far from the ideal of our greatest leaders. Their rhetoric is inflammatory for weak souls, their perspective is selfish and overbearing, there vision for this nation is nil. I hope their voters turn them out of office quickly - they are a blight on this land. In reality, they are no longer Republicans. I don't know what they are, but the Grand Old Party has devolved into something petty and vicious - not even a shadow of its former greatness as one of the two great parties in our amazing system of democracy.

America, wake up and smell the coffee - we can do better. We must do better. We will do better!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Free Market

Yup, let's have a free-market. Let's do away with baby-food regulations and folks who raise the alarm about toxic chemicals in the toys with which our children play; let's do away with all food inspection, and let's trust the slaughter houses (only a few left, by the way) to keep our food supply safe. Our water supply? Air quality? Building codes? Yup, I say, turn it all over to Wall Street!

Actually, let's just forget government.

Heck - roads, parks, airports - turn it all over to the CEOs and bankers.

Education - there's another for ya' - let's privatize it and make education another profit-making source - oops, that's right; we have Charter Schools now, don't we? Let's just forget public education. Privatize.

And Social Security? Privatize it. Oh yeah, that was proposed when the stock market was hitting the roof ... but now, why isn't anyone talking about privatizing Social Security right now?

And forget elections - what we need are boards of directors who elect the CEO. Yup, think of it - our cities, our states, our entire nation - run by private boards tied into Wall Street and the stock market. 

Wow, we'd all be rich over night.

Sorrow would vanish and everyone would be happy - the whole dang country could become a golf-course gated community. And our WMDs would keep the rest of the world in check!

We'd be rich beyond our dreams.

Wouldn't even need the church anymore to preach sin.

After all, the free market would set us all up on easy street, and how we would love one another for it.

Yup, I sure wish I would have thought this sooner!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ashcroft? One of our finest fascists

Remember Ashcroft?

Court case proceeds against him - click HERE to read more!

In the last 50 years, our right-wing friends have managed to produce a rash (yup, let's call it that - sort of like jock-itch) of first-class fascists who would gladly put most of us in jail and turn the reigns of government over to the barons of industry.

He and his henchmen are exceedingly dangerous.

They'd sell us out in a heartbeat to some strange religious, apocalyptic vision driven by the lunatic ravings of Colson, Dobson and Robertson and the maniacal dreams of Wolfowitz and Cheney.

The Private Insurer Has to Go!

As long as private insurers have their hand on health care, costs will continue to skyrocket and quality of care decline. Fascinating to listen to Republicans twist and turn reality to keep the status quo; even more fascinating to wonder if they care about the 40 millions uninsured, and the millions more who are uninsured. Check out Matthew 20:1-16 for a parable featuring job creation and social mercy as an illustration of the kingdom of heaven. The landowner was willing to have a little less so that some could have a little more. Further, check out: 2 Corinthians 8:15. Have to wonder, too, just how many "christians" give a fig for what Scripture says.