Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mother Teresa has doubts

Fine op-ed piece in Times ... A Saint's Dark Night by JAMES MARTIN ... about MT's "dark night of the soul." I wrote following to the Times:

The op-ed piece about Mother Teresa by James Martin is terrific. Great Christians, when free from the pressure of the church to "always put on a happy face," write of their own darkness. The obsession of Christianity to "conquer all ills" combined with American fixation on happiness generates huge amounts of uneasiness and anxiety, creating an ever-greater self-obsession. On the other hand, real darkness, wilderness-darkness, is an essential part of a living faith. The only faith that never doubts is a dead, calcified, faith. Living faith courts doubt. The witness of Mother Teresa isn't about an all-conquering happiness, but a faith-full life devoted to good, in spite of the darkness - a decision we all can make, each in our own way.

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