Friday, December 7, 2007

CIA Tapes

How far we've sunk under this "righteous" president and his right-wing cronies - taking us for fools and belligerently telling the rest of the civilized world to stuff it.

At every turn of the hour, new revelations of corruption and failure - how about Blackwater, how about the billion dollars worth of lost equipment in Iraq, secret prisons, Halliburton - the failure to rebuild New Orleans, 40 million uninsured Americans, and Carl Rove, one of the meanest men in all of God's creation.

Who could care if Bush and gang would just be their corrupt selves, but hiding behind flag and faith compounds their crimes against the Republic.

And the greatest sadness of all (though Rove understood this): millions of unthinking religious folk who buy the language, think no further than the words of faith, and continue to vote for and support these corrupt people who use the abortion and homosexual issues to pull the wool over their eyes.

I fault Rove, but more, I fault the millions of pew-sitting Americans who confuse their faith with the square footage of their home and Jesus with the flag-waving rhetoric of their narrow-minded leaders.

God's people, informed by the prophetic traditions of Isaiah and Hosea, ought to know better ... God's people should know and understand how government works, how power corrupts, and how to recognize the signs.

I take no delight in any one's death, but the passing of Falwell and Kennedy has cleansed the airwaves of their toxic preaching. Their sanctimonious pronouncements, and for Kennedy, all dressed up in his doctoral robes and pseudo-intellectual style, created a spirit of ill-will and even hatred in the hearts of millions of Americans.

As the days and months unfold, the record of corruption and deceit will grow longer. This presidency will go down in history as our worst, and it's likely that many of its hirelings will go to jail.