Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Religion and Politics

Religion, like salt, best serves its purpose in small and measured doses - too much, and the whole soup is spoiled.

The Huck ("addicted to money" a friend from Arkansas says) and Mitt Romney are now in a tight run for who "has more faith."

Huckabee is flat-out dangerous. Smooth, smarmy, unctuous, and totally utilitarian, like the preacher he was, he knows how to play the crowds and deliver sweetness laced with arsenic.

When it comes to "freedom requires religion, religion requires freedom," Romney couldn't be further from reality.

England and Holland are free without religion, and Saudia Arabia has plenty of religion without freedom - so what does Romney mean?

He's means nothing - he's throwing words around with a "religious" cachet to catch the ears of the sheep.

Jefferson's wall of separation deserves another hearing, and if America is going to be a great nation once again, one of the first rules: disentangle religion and politics so that both can survive intact. Marry them to one another, and both are lost, and their children are malicious idiots who pull wings off flies and torment the neighbor's dog.

Is the American public smart enough to see through the fog of religious rhetoric?