Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bush in Israel

First time in his presidency to be in Israel ... where in the world has this man been for the last seven years?

Israel/Palestine, the flash-point of the Middle East ... and now a few more troops for Afghanistan, another flash-point long ignored so Bush and Gang could pursue their dreams of oil domination ... there isn't a thing here that makes any sense, and now in the closing days of his disastrous term, he's bumbling his way through the Middle East looking and sounding totally uncomfortable in his role as statesman.

Thankfully, the troop surge has diminished violence in Iraq and is bringing greater opportunity to that beleaguered nation, yet the fundamental cause of Middle East unrest - the unresolved issues in Palestine - has been ignored, leaving it in the hands of the Israelis, which is bit like hiring the fox to guard the hen house.

The troop surge, also, like a heavy dose of antibiotics, stems the local infection, but the cause of the infection remains the same.

Iraq is stabilizing - I suspect our generals understood this five years ago when Rummy maintained a much lower estimate of needed troops.

Does anyone anywhere in this world understand this administration and those who drove its ideology?

Anyway, may peace prevail in Iraq, may Bush achieve some good results - God works through all of us, so we try our best.