Thursday, February 14, 2008

National Health Care

Why the FEMA trailer mess?

Why the lack of housing in New Orleans?

Why are refugees from that poor city still living under bridges in Dallas?

Why do American manufactures sell chemical-laden computers in America that have been banned by the European Union?

Because we lack a national health care system?

And you ask, "What does that have to do with anything?"


If the government were funding our nation's health care, as European nations do for their people, there would be a whole lot more care about people's health, as there is in Europe!

Frankly, my dear, the wealthy oligarchy ruling this nation doesn't give a damn. Why should they?

All they know is money, and if they were paying for the nation's health, they'd suddenly begin to show interest in the 40 million uninsured.

But there's something more than that.

It's also an idea. Right now, we all pay for the uninsured - billions for emergency-room care, lost work hours, and a whole tier of children growing up with poor health. It's already one of the most long-run cost factors in our failing economy.

But it's easy to bury this statistic, so the old ideas of "everyone for themselves " prevail.

It's all about money ... and all about compassion ... and one of these days, we may discover that compassion is profitable!

Imagine that.