Monday, February 18, 2008


I never heard of until five minutes ago when reading that a Bush-appointed federal judge, working in conjunction with Swiss and Cayman Island banks, ordered its shut-down.

The site, a place for posting "leaked" documents, revealed how these banks were laundering tons of money - dirty stuff on every hand, and with their dirty money, they hired attorneys without conscience or heart (and there are plenty of them these days, churned out of our law schools like sausage out of a grinder, eager to make big bucks, join prestigious country clubs and drive hot cars - enough said), they "persuaded" this Bush-League judge (imagine that) to shut the site down, though it's still up and running in Belgium and Christmas Island.

I just finished reading Upton Sinclair's novel, "Oil," about the corrupt oil industry, President Harding, the Republicans, and gushing greed. We're reliving those days right now.

The Bush admin will go down in history as the most corrupt presidency ever, and this little shut-down of a website is the tip of the iceberg - we have become a nation told to spend mindlessly so that we have no minds left to ponder the media control now imposed upon this once great republic. On every side, fear-mongering and mad consumerism.

I like to have fun like the next guy, but this is like the Roman Circus - entertain us to death, and like the proverbial frog in the water pot, turn the heat up gradually, and the frog won't even know he's being killed.

Pay attention - the water is boiling right now!