Monday, April 28, 2008


I am ashamed of my nation.

After all these years, we're sinking lower into the slough of despond, if you will, with regard to race. I feel like a kid in Florida many years ago when walking with my mother in a Miami shopping district - an elderly Black man coming our way stepped off the sidewalk into the gutter, nodding at us as walked by. That image, along with "Colored Only" drinking fountains and movie-theater entrances, is forever seared in my memory.

Have we made material progress? I suppose we have, but our emotional state, our spiritual condition, seems to have gotten stuck, masked by the material progress, but now unmasked by the fiery rhetoric of Wright - if he threw dawn a gauntlet, white folks are donning the hooded robe, retreating into all the old knee-jerk reactions and spouting the same old cliches, albeit a bit more politely.

I'm stunned by the media - pigs, bottom-feeders, every imaginable low-life description fails to capture what they're doing to this good nation. CNN is leading the way - how low have they sunk; how corrupt have they become. Where's Aaron Brown when we need him?

I'm stunned by Hillary and her desperate handlers who have played the race card, albeit "politely." And McCain, too - of course, this is to be expected, but here would be an extraordinary opportunity for both senators to come to the defense of Senator Obama, and to challenge this nation on the issues of race - to speak the truth!

But with feigned seriousness (McCain) and jolly assurance (Hillary), we're told that Wright's influence rightly concerns good Americans. As for Wright, I hope he stays with it.

If Obama is going to lose the nomination of his party, then he will lose with dignity and right in his corner, and if Wright is the obvious cause, then so be it - far better to be Wright these days than a groveling politico pandering to the worst instincts of our nation.

I am ashamed!