Monday, April 21, 2008


From the get-go, my wife and I were in Hillary's camp, but the day of the California Primary, I switched my vote to Obama in the voting booth. My wife stands with Hillary.

I have no doubt Hillary has all the experience we need and then some; she would make a great President, but it's time for a change.

Starting with George 1 as vice-president under Reagan in 1981, the Bush and Clinton families have dominated our politics. A friend of mine, in his late 30s, said, "That's pretty much my entire adult life."

So, I switched to Obama and I'm sticking with him - we need a breath of fresh air.

And of late, I've become increasingly irritated with Hillary, not for her proposals, but for the Republican-like manner in which she's gone after Obama. Something wrong here; something way over the top - something desperate and mean-spirited, and as for Bill, I've been one of his biggest fans, but his behavior of late has been nothing but disappointing. As far as I'm concerned, his record as President (one of the best) has been compromised by his less than stellar behavior.

Bill needs to think twice about this and embrace the statesman-like quality of Jimmy Carter who has continued to enlarge his role in history far and beyond his term of president.

Pay attention Bill.