Wednesday, June 25, 2008


At a Republican fund raiser in Livonia, MI, Bush offered the following observation about McCain: he's the only candidate "who knows what it takes to defeat our enemies."

Yah, right.

As if Bush and Gang have managed this well, and just who are these enemies?

Our enemies have been in the White House, and their names are Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, along with the right wing fundamentalist preachers like Dobson and Hagee, abetted, I'm afraid, by the mainstream media who've pandered to this nonsense by giving it airtime, along with the right wing media claiming mainstream media to be biased, further driving home the message that we're besieged on every side by "enemies."

This has been the biggest hoodwink perpetrated on the American people since "Remember the Maine" and the yellow journalism leading up to the Spanish American War. America has been victimized by a mad-dog Republican Party spawned by Nixon, nourished by Reagan, brought to maturity by Bush 1, a Republican Congress, and Bush 2. Without moral bearings, hiding behind religion, peddling fear, these criminals have gutted the nation, destroyed Dukakis and many others, to further their relentless grab for power, with big business cheering on the sidelines.

Of course, 9/11 was real, and there are folks out there who despise us, but can we get our act together sufficiently to see how Atwater/Rover/Bush have played upon our fears in order to manipulate the political process to their advantage?

It's time for the cowboy to head back to the bunkhouse, and it's time for McCain to put Vietnam to rest. It's time for America to enter the 21st century and be a nation among nations, working to slow down America's consumption of natural resources, restrain our made grab for oil hidden behind our blather about spreading democracy, address environmental and energy issues, provide universal health care, restore the middle class and by cleaning our own house, regain the respect of the world.