Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Obama Has It?

It looks like Obama has it.

Check out New York Times article.

Though a real fan of Hillary, I voted for Obama in the California primary - made the switch in the voting booth.

I hope the Party can heal the wounds and present a united front to the nation, helping end an era of arrogance and monetary/social policy that has brought us to the brink of ruin. It will take decades to recover our inner balance, repair the economy, divert war-monies to infrastructure and social need and restore our international reputation.

The Repub rebellion has failed! If there's anything true about history, it's this: that "rebellion" driven by greed and power always fails. When the haves drive the nation, the vision, at first, seems so reasonable, tapping into the desires everyone has, but they always run us into the ditch. An every-one-for-themselves economy always fails, because its lacks justice, and God the Creator denies success to any such vision that fails the "widow, the orphan and the stranger."

It's time for a new coalition of vision - not unlike that of FDR - in which government and business cooperate to rebuild the middle class, ease the nation away from it's oil-addictions, focus on public transportation, strengthen the social safety net, kick the lobbyists out and nationalize medicine like all the other civilized nations of the world, and once and for all, root out the "frontier mentality" of everyone for themselves.

Let's recover the word "liberal."

It's a positive word filled with grace.

Liberal in love and hope, liberal in vision and compassion.

Liberal enough to honestly describe the greed and malice that has dominated our nation for two generations now.

The other day, I attended a meeting of activists in West LA - working for a living wage for LAX hotel workers - they're all young and eager, and reminded me of the energy and vision of the young who transformed our nation in the Sixties.

Yet coming through the Nixon-Regan-Bush era, these young people are not starry-eyed dreamers - their incredibly realistic, they know the systems and how they work, they have a vision for justice - and a very real sense that justice is profitable - a lesson American business has to learn again.

The LAX hotels have spent more money fighting the LA City Council's resolution on a living wage then the living wage itself would have cost.

Make sense?


But through the consistent efforts of a variety of groups and the CA Supreme Court's recent decision to uphold the Living Wage Law, the hotels are getting in line to recognize the union, support their workers and get on with it.

Justice is profitable for everyone - though it means, and rightly so, that the haves will have just a little bit less (sorry Wall Street), and the have-nots will have a little more - and along with a decent wage comes self-esteem, hope, stable homes and a shot at life.

Hats off to CLUE (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice) and LAANE (Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy).

And hats off to Obama, to Hillary and to the Dems ... may they lead us to a happier time.