Thursday, July 24, 2008

Aaron Brown Update

9/11 propelled Aaron Brown, via CNN, to the head of the line.

I loved his work and found his perspectives, his verbal skills, refreshing, intelligent and a cut above.

Oh well, it wouldn't last long. The rising star, Anderson Cooper (whom I like) took his place. Cooper is good, but Brown represented a style of journalism we badly need.

He was dismissed and by contract forced to stay off TV for two years, but it's done and over with now.

By the way, I wrote numerous emails to CNN about this - never received a reply. Does anyone every receive a reply from them, or are they above such things? I'd settle for a form reply!

I find the news behemoths unreachable - well-insulated from the public, determining what we want to hear and see, mindlessly connected to advertisers, more about entertainment than news, fielding a crew of on-screen personalities that primp and preen like peacocks, competing with one another like schoolyard children over a marble game, frequently mispronouncing names and places - what, did they flunk geography, but win Miss Congeniality? Handsome hunks - eye candy - delivering the news? The endless mindless prattle about diet, getting in shape, the latest health-scare, and what's happening in your kitchen - and, of course: Breaking News, with the latest hip hop scandal. Yup, that sure is news, all right!

Here's an announcement about Brown's forthcoming work on PBS.

Hats off to Aaron Brown - may his tribe increase.