Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monica Goodling, Again

That Monica Goodling should have done what she allegedly did is no surprise, given the character of the Christian "right." Endowed with a sense of righteousness that cannot be dissuaded by any amount of reasoning, the theo-cons plow ahead with their program to return this country to their notion of where it should be - to rid the land of gays and lesbians, and all who support freedom. To undo Roe v. Wade and return us to the medical and cultural Dark Ages.

They have done this with consummate skill throughout all levels of government, including our Supreme Court. Thankfully, watchdogs of liberty caught Monica's work in progress and revealed it to the American public.

What bothers me are her "Christian" credentials - look her up at Wikipedia.

Blind, manipulative, conniving, all in the name of Jesus - thank you Pat Robertson and his Regent University (if you can dignify it with the term "university).

This kind of Christianity has always been lurking around the dark edges of history, coming to the front now and then - see Inquisition, see Nazi Germany. For a full review of just how wrong the right is, how dysfunctional and misguided this kind of thinking can be, see Chris Hedges American Fascist.

Monica Goodling, you have done us all a favor. Your "boldness for Jesus" has revealed how crass and uncaring, how unloving and twisted, how unbiblical and unchristian this kind of thinking really is.

It's time for Christians to rise up and identify this kind of "christianity" for what it really is - a defective form that, though naming the Name of Jesus, denies His message and His mercy.