Monday, September 15, 2008

Could High Taxes Save Us?

Billions for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae ... and who can calculate the final cost of Lehman Brothers .... billions more, all around the world. Gone, and what's left except sagging bank accounts and depleted portfolios?

Could high taxes save us from this insanity?

Would high taxes draw dawn corporate profits so corporations would have to be more thoughtful and less risky about their work, their investments, their expansion programs?

Would high taxes compel the super-rich to be a little more thoughtful about their extravagant life-styles?

Would high taxes destroy incentive for making money?

That's been the sick mantra of the free-market idiots who've brought us to our knees.

Heavens no.

Folks always want to make money, and they'll make in spite of taxes.

So why high taxes?

High taxes will diminish disposable income, that's for sure, and it's high time we fat, sassy, silly and self-indulgent had a little to spend on ourselves.

And a whole lot more for good government ... the kind of government that funds universal health care and then really cares for the environment, safe products and the kind of food we eat, because now the government is picking up the health tab.

Education for all - the billions spent on failing corporate dreams cooked up on the third cocktail on the fantail of a 90 foot yacht would provide every child with safe and healthy schools, with plenty of toilet paper, computers, white boards and well-trained teachers with well-trained aids.

A living wage - do folks really have to live 100 million dollar life-styles when working Moms still have to rely on minimum wage, terrible working conditions and multiple jobs, without health benefits?

And what about our infrastructure - everything from rail lines to sewer lines; our bridges and our highways; our public transportation system could be the best in the world. High taxes could make this country shine!

High taxes would well put a stop to charity without change. Yes, billions for charity, but hardly dime to change the conditions that produce poverty. Yes, charity makes the giver feel good, but is that the goal? To feel good about dropping some big bucks into the Salvation Army bucket? Reminds me a bit of the Pharisees and their bags of gold, and the utter disdain Jesus showed for that "kind of giving."

We need fundamental changes in attitudes and structures in order to lift up millions from the slough of despond, millions who deserve it; yes, deserve it, because they work harder than any corporate board president, their fret and fear endlessly about the next meal, and they hurt ever so much when they can't afford decent medical and dental care for their children, not to mention themselves. Yes, they deserve something better than a handout, and something far better than charity without change.

I'm not a Utopian, but civilized countries around the world shake their head in disbelief as carry on so foolishly.

Let's hear it for high taxes - a corporate morality of mutual care and building for the future!

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