Saturday, September 6, 2008

McCain Reckless?

A reckless man is a danger in a volatile world.

Check out this fine article detailing McCain's proclivity to fight - by Rachel Kleinfeld, executive director of the Truman National Security Project. (Full biography.)

I have believed for a long time that McCain is still fighting the Vietnam War, still living there in that Hanoi Hilton, fuming over his perceived notion of poltical interference with the military, itching for a chance to prove himself, and to prove the might of the American military unhindered by diplomacy.

If Bush Jr. wanted to fight his Daddy's war anew, then McCain wants to fight Vietnam again - the man is spoiling for a fight, and he will use his office to bring closure to his own wounded psyche, his loss of pride and the boiling temper within.

He's a dangerous man, and when linked to the Neo-Cons and their perverted image of the world, there's no telling what craziness McCain will bring about.

As time goes along, more will come out about McCain's ineptitude and Palin's goofiness - click Here.

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