Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Time to Get Back to Basics

Is Sarah Palin a Trojan Moose?

Ariana Huffington writes:

Did Sarah Palin wrongfully push to have her ex-brother-in law fired? Was she really against the "Bridge to Nowhere?" Did she really sell Alaska's plane on eBay, or just list it on eBay? Did she actually have any substantial duties commanding the Alaska National Guard?

The correct answer to all these questions is: who cares? Which isn't to say these aren't valid questions, or that Palin and the McCain camp aren't playing it fast, loose, and coy with each of them. The point is that Palin, and the circus she's brought to town, are simply a bountiful collection of small lies deliberately designed to distract the country from one big truth: the havoc that George Bush and the Republican Party have wrought, and that John McCain is committed to continuing.

The mess left by Bush will be worsened under the inept leadership of McCain/Palin - the Repubs have made a fine mess of this country, but seeminly the media and much of America is unable to clearly focus their attention on the real stuff.

Someone once described us as "entertaining ourselves to death."

The Palin circus, with all of its idiocy and lies, has totally distracted us - "give 'em cake to eat."

Frightening what's happening to our character.

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